React & React Native Graphics Libraries feat. Gaëtan Renaudeau


    React Native Radio | Episode 97


    Nader Dabit

    Gant LaBorde

    Special Guests: Gaëtan Renaudeau

    In this episode of React Native Radio, the panelists talk to Gaëtan Renaudeau. Gaëtan lives in France and is the author of gl-react. The idea for writing this came 3 years ago when he was working on his startup Project September and he wanted to make text work on top of images. He has recently joined the company Ledger and they talk about what he is working on now as well as how he got into working with React Native and creating gl-react.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Gaëtan intro
    • gl-react works on top of the web
    • React and React Native
    • He now works for Ledger
    • Works with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin
    • Currently working on creating a mobile app
    • Explored React in the beginning
    • Wanted to push the technology
    • react-native-view-shot
    • How much linear algebra do you need to get started with OpenGL in React?
    • WebGL
    • More functional programming with gl-react
    • gl-transitions
    • com
    • gl-react allows you to compose the same way as you would in React
    • React-motion
    • What interests you about this paradigm?
    • Likes that it allows a more design focus to developing
    • What other things are you interested in and working on with React Native?
    • Where do you find the time to be so involved?
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • gl-react cookbook
    • And much, much more!