React Testing Discussion & React Cosmos feat. Ovidiu Chereches


    React Native Radio | Episode 91


    Guests: Ovidiu Chereches

    In today’s show, the React Native Radio Host, Nader Dabit and Spencer Carli speak with Ovidiu Chereches, about Testing React and React Native applications. Ovidiu talks about his background and how he got into programming during his high school years. Ovidiu talks about freelancing very early in high school and learning that he wanted to get into web programming. Furthermore, Ovidiu shares his journey into working as a full stack developer and working in the community as an experienced developer. Ovidiu shares a general view on testing and sharing information on projects (React Cosmos) that helped him on manual testing and much more. 

    Topics and Questions discussed:

    • How did you get into programming?
    • High school and learning programming with C
    • How did you get into the React Ecosystem…?
    • Web development
    • Freelancing/Consulting
    • Learning React
    • Pursuing working in React
    • General Overview on Testing
    • React Cosmos
    • Manual Testing
    • Testing more complex components and parts of the App
    • More on React Cosmos
    • Comparison to StoryBook
    • Right way to test…?
    • What should some one testing when they are build a React Native application?
    • In order of importance – Acceptance test…
    • Cypress
    • Selenium
    • Component tests
    • Unit Test
    • And much more!