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React Native Radio | Episode 106**   **Panel

  • Nader Dabit
  • Mike Grabowski
  • Peter Piekarczyk Special Guest : Jared Forsyth In today’s episode of the React Native Radio podcast, Nader Dabit, Peter Piekarczyk, Mike Grabowski speak with Jared Forsyth. Jared is a mobile developer at Khan Academy with expertise in JavaScript, React Native. Jared is on the show to share his experience with Reason. Jared talks particularly about the how Reason came about, the best use cases, and how to get started with the Reason platform. Topics and Questions discussed: 1:00 - Jared introduced himself and shared his credentials as a mobile developer and experience with JavaScript, React Native, and project his is currently working on like Reason.. 2:00 - Jared talks about why people come to Reason from JavaScript. Jared gives several feature that developers are attracted to in the Reason platform. Jared covers other feature of technologies  such as TypeScript and Swift. Also some talk about type systems. 4:20 - Peter talks about the type systems in Reason. Peter ask about easier way to approach the type systems. Jared shared the compiler and arguments. 7:40 - Peter talks about the ocaml systems and other confusing systems. Peter ask about things people could look into to learn Types easier. Jared talks about the Swift cocoa variance. 10:46 - Mike talks about the Reason Town Podcast as a resource to learn to understand the platform. Also read the Haskell Book to learn more. 13:06 -  Nader ask about if can people use Reason to build mobile application as of now and is the platform ready for immediate product production. Jared talks about when to use BuckleScript. 15:40 -  Nader asks about building Native app with Reason or either using React Native as a target and such. Jared shares about the smoother way to go about the workflow. Jared shares more on the cross compilation. 18:30 -  Peter ask why Reason came about in the first case, what is it trying to solve, what are the uses cases, and why we should consider learning this type system and ocaml. Jared shares why Facebook came up with Reason. Jared talks about the maintainability and reliability. 22:30 - Peter talks about using Immutable JS in his workflow. Mike asks about the bindings for React and Reason. Jared talks about baking in the best practices. 27:20 - Nader ask work working browser APIs and it there is something that is poly filled. Jared talks about binding available out of the box. Nader asks about writing on the server and or client. 31:00 -  Nader talks about returning factions. Jared explains how return functions working and the libraries. 32:00 -  Mike asks about getting starting with Reason ML. Jared suggest the discord channels Reason ML Discord Channel  and Reason ML chat forum to get started with Reason. Jared also suggest the Reason official Twitter account, Reason ML Hub and Reason Weekly Newsletter to follow for up to date news. 34:23 - Nader ask about being up on technology and what is the future of Reason to help people in their careers. Do you see Reason having a bright future? Code implementation? Jared suggests looking at Elm as a platform to see how Reason unfolds as a sought to platform for developers. 39:00 -  Nader ask if Mike’s company is capable of building out with Reason. Peter talks about about how their code base has grown with using Reason in their business. Jared talks about creating a blog post base on “Who is Using Reason” in the near future. Links:
  • Jared’s Git Hub
  • @jaredforsyth
  • Jared’s Website
  • Reason Town Podcast
  • Haskell Book
  • BuckleScript
  • OCaml
  • Reason ML Discord Channel
  • Reason ML chat forum
  • Reason ML Hub
  • Reason official Twitter
  • Reason Weekly Newsletter
  • Elm Picks: Peter
  • Chicago JS Nader
  • Off To Be The Wizard
  • ACloud Guru Jared
  • Quill JS Mike
  • BS React Native


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