Reason with Sander Spies

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React Native Radio | Episode 69**   **Panel   Peter Piekarczyk Guests: Sander Spies talks about Reason with React Native   Discussions and Questions:**   **0:28 Tell us abut yourself Sander?   1:00 Can you tell us what Reason is, and why you might want to use it?  ** 3:49 Lets talk about the markup language. Reason is built on top of OCaml, why would anyone do that? Now does OCaml have the same characteristics?   6:00 Peter ask about how to complied OCaml  into Java or using React Libraries to make it work. Can you tell us about BuckleScript and what that does? So when you are writing Reason,  how does that work in term of Java Script?   **8:00 Do you know if there are companies that are incorporating Reason?  When you compile Reason, What does that Java Script look like? Do you know about the performance?  ** 12:00 Can you give us a high level over view of the benefits of this type system?   14:40 Let talk about the uses cases of Reason?  How does it compile?   18:00 Are there resources listeners can check out? Peter ask about learning Reason. Peter ask about how to contribute to Reason or OCaml   20:00 What are the high level goal of Reason? Picks **Sander Java Foresight


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