Panel: Nader Dabit 

Special Guest: Catalin Miron

In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Catalin Miron who is currently working for Skype. Catalin uses React and React Native and talks with Nader Dabit about past and current projects. Check out today’s episode to hear all the details! 

Topics and Questions Discussed: 0:11 – Nader welcome everyone and mentions today’s guest, Catalin Miron! 0:31 – Nader and guest have met through a past conference. 0:54 – The topics of today’s episode is mentioned here. 1:09 – Nader: Can you give us your background, please? 1:15 – Guest gives his background. He talks about React, Swift, Hootsuite, Skype, and other topics. 2:20 – Nader: Do you work for Microsoft? 2:30 – Guest: I have been under the benefits of both because Skype is under Microsoft. 3:01 – Nader: It’s cool because we are using Skype now! 3:29 – Nader: Are you guys using React XP or is it pure React Native? 3:35 – Guest answers. 4:17 – Nader asks questions about features and fixing bugs. 4:38 – Guest: If you need to fix a bug or…definitely you can have time to contribute. 5:47 – Topic summary. Nader: What are some of the problems that people have with animations and React Native? Then let’s go into some practices and tools that can help. 6:09 – Guest answers the question. 7:52 – Nader: What are some of the libraries that people are using? Nader asks other questions, too. 8:31 – Guest: To answer the first question – usually I am using animated API. It’s a super but simple library to help build animations in general. 9:55 – Nader: How would you implement a gradient animation in the first place? And then what kind of combination would you use? 10:23 – Guest answers the question. 11:48 – Nader: What are some of the problems that people are running into in order to implement animation in general? With all of these libraries are people still facing problems? 12:31 – Guest answers the question. 14:06 – Nader: I have a question around iOS and Androids. How have Androids and iOS differ nowadays? 14:32 – Guest answers the question. 15:44 – Nader: You mentioned that you are doing this work through Skype? What animations have you guys been implementing? 15:59 – Guest. 17:41 – Nader: Any talks or anything planned in the future? 17:50 – Guest. 21:34 – Nader: Where can people follow you and hear about your projects? 21:42 – Guest: Twitter & GitHub!22:25 – Nader: Anything else that you want to say? 22:32 – Guest wraps-up with his final thoughts.






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