RNR 126: Native Web Apps with Florian Rival

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  • Josh Justice
  • Charles Max Wood

Joined Special Guest by Florian Rival


Florian Rival gave a talk at the recent React Amsterdam, he joins the panel in discussing the major points of his talk. Florian shares the high points of using React Native compared to other platforms. He discusses his game engine and getting it working in WebAssembly. The panel discusses Florian’s development journey and what it was like getting into web development. Florian shares tips for developers new to web development. Josh shares what he learned and what stood out to him from Florian’s talk. The panel discusses game development; Florian discusses the games he has made and gives tips for getting into game development. The importance of testing coverage and Florian’s testing practices are discussed.



Josh Justice:

Charles Max Wood:

Florian Rival:

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