• Josh Justice

  • Charles Max Wood

Joined by Special Guest: Jamon Holmgren


Jamon Holmgren, one of the owners of Infinite Red, join the panel to discuss the recent Chain React in Portland, Oregon. Jamon shares how Chain React got started. The panel, who both attended chain react, share their experiences. They admire the small conference and the close-knit, family atmosphere. The Hermes Javascript announcement and Facebook’s coordination with Chain Reacts are considered.


Jamon shares the types of companies that sponsor Chain React and how they are chosen. The panel considers the topics and speakers; Jamon explains how they have narrowed in on React Native this year and the success that brought to the conference. Jamon invites listeners to reach out with talks about sharing components between React Native and React Web. The episode ends with bumps and funny stories from the conferences.  



Josh Justice:

Charles Max Wood:

Jamon Holmgren:


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