RNR 143: The Roles of QA and Development

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In this episode of React Native Radio the panel considers the roles of QA and development teams. Charles Max Wood and Josh Justice share their backgrounds in QA and development, this gives them a unique perspective, having seen it from both sides. They begin by discussing and defining some terms. Charles explains that most terms are defined more by an organization than the industry.

The panel discusses testing tools like Cypress and Detox, explaining their uses and value. They define black box and gray box testing and consider the benefits of each testing type. Josh explains the value of manual testing and how that value may never be lost. They consider the strategy of relying on users to find bugs. They compare testing mobile and web development.

They consider how the roles of QA and development overlap and the best ways to define the roles of each team. Charles recommends each organization sit down and clearly define these roles. Josh recommends clearly outlining where CI and CD come into play.

They consider the common relationship issues found between QA and development, including animosity and an “us vs. them” mentality. Charles and Josh explain the value of working together and communicating with each other. They give advice on how to work together and improve relationships between QA and development.


  • Charles Max Wood

  • Josh Justice



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Charles Max Wood:

Josh Justice:


What can you do when your team is under constraints that strain the QA/development relationship?

Talk it out, do a retrospective and find a solution that works for everyone.

Who defines the roles of QA and development?

The organization

Why is manual testing still valuable?

Somethings are just impossible to automate, like if an animation runs smoothly.

What tools does the panel recommend?

Cypress and Detox

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