In this episode of React Native Radio the panel discusses Josh Justice’s blog post outlining four approaches to using React Native and a fifth approach he has heard about since publishing the post. Josh summarizes the post and explains how knowing the benefits of each approach can minimize the downsides of using React Native that scare people away from using it. Understanding each approach can also help you decide which approach would work best for your company.


The first approach and the recommend approach recommended by React Native is Expo. Josh explains what Expo is and how it simplifies React Native for those starting out. The panel shares their experiences with Expo and considers the benefits of using it. They list many of the tools that Expo has right of the box and praise the simplicity of setting up and using for developers unfamiliar with native development tools. 


The next approach to using React Native is React Native CLI. React Native CLI is the default approach to using React Native. This approach does require some knowledge of Xcode and android studio. It is the best option if you need to use some native integration not included in Expo. The panel shares recommendations for learning and the use of React Native CLI.


The next approach is inserting React Native into an existing native app. Josh explains how this is done and the benefits of doing so gradually. The panel considers why this approach might be used. Josh shares some challenges he saw when using this approach. The panel briefly discusses the approach Josh does not mention in his post, Expo Kit. 


The final approach from the blog post and the most complex is using React Native in an independent component library. The panel considers the benefits of this approach including the isolation of the React Native code and freeing up native developers. Reusing code is discussed including how this approach can be used to save time and be used for testing. 


The episode ends as the panel gives recommendations for native developers wanting to get into React Native or bring React Native to their companies. React Native has a very helpful and tightknit community and the panel invites anyone struggling or wanting to know more about React Native to reach out to the community.



  • Charles Max Wood

  • Josh Justice

  • Narendra Shetty

  • Christopher Reyes




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