In this episode of React Native Radio the panel walks through an article written by Net Guru outlining the pros and cons of React Native. The first pro the panel discusses is that is React Native is faster to build. The panel shares their experience with building with React Native. They agree that React Native is fast unless unique customization is necessary; this leads them to discuss one of the cons of React Native, the lack of some custom modules. 


The next pro they discuss is the fact that this one framework can work across multiple platforms. While they agree React Native is not perfect, it does do a good job sharing code and other things across platforms. This saves on cost and time. Another pro they discuss is hot reloading, which included over the air updates and fast refresh. 


Smaller teams are both pros and cons according to the panel. Smaller teams are possible because everyone works together, there is no longer a need for an iOS team and an Android team. The panel does point out specialists in those platforms may still be needed to work out any kinks in the different platforms. They explain how whether smaller teams are a pro or a con is based on the case. 


They discuss the controversy of how fast React Native is. It is faster than some frameworks and slower than others. The panel discusses their experience with React Native speed, performance, and how they are measured. Simplified UI is the last pro on the list. 


The cons they overview once more, though they do discuss them in how they relate to the pros. The first con the panel discusses is less smooth navigation. The panel believes that the navigation works great unless you create something custom or irregular. The other cons are the lack of custom modules and the need for Native developers. They end by discusses the alternative frameworks to React Native and their experience with them. 


  • Josh Justice

  • Charles Max Wood

  • Christopher Reyes



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