RNR 152: Tips and Tricks When Using React Native with Yassir Hartani

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In this episode of React Native Radio Josh Justice interviews Yassir Hartani. Yassir writes a blog about all he learns while programming with React Native. They begin by discussing his article about React Native Navigation. Yassir explains why he prefers React Native Navigation and walks Josh through the article.

They move on to share tips for getting into React Native development. Yassir shares the differences between React Native development and developing on the web. He explains the difference in base components, syntax, and naming. For those used to developing on the web he recommends using styled-components.

Next, the discuss best practices for upgrading and explain why upgrading in React Native can be painful. They discuss tips for improving user experience including, keyboards, clickable buttons, native feedback, and safe area view. Developer experience tips are next. Yassir recommends building for both iOS and Android, test for both platforms as well. They also recommend testing on a physical device. The panel shares other testing tips and gives error tracking recommendations.


  • Josh Justice


  • Yassir Hartani



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Josh Justice:

Yassir Hartani:


Why Yassir chooses React Native Navigation?

Cross-platform and great performance.

When should you use a modal?

Alerts, actions, sheets, short tasks, and flows.

What are Yassir’s tips for upgrading?

Use the React Native Upgrade Handbook, check your modules and changelogs, upgrade manually, and don’t upgrade right away.

Why does Yassir recommend waiting to upgrade after a major release?

It is likely they will still need to work out the bugs, so by waiting you save yourself a lot of work.

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