In this episode of React Native Radio the panel dives deep into native code. They discuss how it works and shares their experiences using it. They start by discussing why native code is useful and why would anyone choose to use it. The panel defines the bridge and what it means for native code. They consider why React Native developers coming from a web development background are intimidated by the native side. 


The panel shares use cases for native code, when native SDKs need to be integrated and building UI components, two specific examples from their jobs. They discuss, Java, Kotlin, Swift, and Objective C. They compare these different languages and explain which one is the best for certain situations. The panel shares learning resources and discusses native code for iOS and Android. 


  • Josh Justice

  • Jamon Holmgren

  • Christopher Reyes



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Josh Justice:

Christopher Reyes:

Jamon Holmgren:


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