Scaling React Applications & Machine Learning Discussion with Jennifer Van of Capital One

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React Native Radio | Episode 77**   **Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Guests : Jennifer Van   In today’s show the React Native Radio team speaks with Jennifer Van, a senior fullstack developer and machine learning engineer at Capital One.  Jennifer talks about her journey in discovering programing after joining a robotics team in early high school, then having a negative experience within the team. But she pursued programming after her college years after gaining confidence by her peers Jennifer talks about how is took on Machine Learning as she made her path in to a job at Capital One doing full stack developing. Jennifer covers the workflows she practices and the important strategies for programming at her position in Capital One.   Discussions and Questions: Scaling Enterprise React Ops** 1:00 Can you give us an intro and how you got into programming? 3:30 What was your path after college going into Capital One? Can you give us a run down your talk at React Rally? How do you balance machine learning and react at work? 6:00 How did you start using React as you were doing full stack work? 13:00 How do you think a JS developer can get into Machine Learning from your experience? 19:30 Can you give us the high level view of what you talked about at React Rally? What are some of the things that you guys at Capital One have done and or advice about things your team encountered? 25:00 Do you have any advice on naming conventions, and things before you get started? 30:30 Do you have any advice for those who are interested in working for an enterprise type network? Have you all worked with Mobex? Picks **Nader Blog - Curtis Temple - Up and Running with Universal ComponentsFlutterFlutter NewsLetterFlutter for JavaScript DevelopersReact Native BootcampSkype Emojis Peter Dash Docs Community  Jennifer EM Deep LearningGenerative Adversarial Networks  


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