Shipping Your React Native App to the Store feat. Ryan Stelly, Cindy Li, & Shyam Komirishetty

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React Native Radio – Episode 119 Panel: Nader Dabit Special Guests: Ryan Stelly, Shyam Komirishetty, and Cindy Li In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks about the process of shipping (in particular) your React Native App. Other topics that arise are Node tooling, Test Flight, Code Pusher, and more! Check it out! Topics and Questions Discussed: 0:14 – Nader: We will talk about getting your app to production! We will talk about how to understand the processes and how the companies are going about it. We have three guests today; please tell us about your backgrounds. 1:00 – Guests talk about their professional backgrounds. 1:35 – Nader: I cam from a web background with Ionic and others. I thought it was interesting to take that knowledge and apply it to React Native. 2:07 – Guest talks about their app. 3:43 – Nader: Did you take an existing format or a brand new application and build it from the ground up? 4:00 – Guest answers the question. 4:30 – Nader: Very cool! It’s a pretty interesting process. Let’s talk about shipping Reactive Native Apps. What are the differences that stuck out to you between shipping web vs. mobile and Reactive Native in particular? 5:03 – Guest answers the question and refers to the Node tooling, and more! 6:17 – Nader: Does this happen when a new commit merges into master or only when you are ready to push a new version to the app store? 6:30 – Guest answers the question. 7:10 – Nader refers to Test Flight. 7:21 – Guest: It manages exactly that. 7:45 – Nader: Have you tested/tried Code Pusher? 7:47 – Guest: We have not. Guest continues. 8:09 – Nader: What’s your experience with Crash reporting? 8:23 – Guest: It’s been great. Cindy do you want to talk about the rest of the story? 8:45 – Cindy continues this topic. 10:18 – Nader: What does your team look like while working with Reactive Native? What is each person’s job with the app? I see a single developer to other roles. 10:48 – Guest: We have a great team. 11:36 – Nader: Yeah let’s talk about the search and the analytics from Shyam. 11:43 – Shyam: Sure – we have millions of millions of users using our app. Based on their login type...there are many aspects that play into this. 12:20 – Nader: In implementing search and other things in your app – what limitations around performance did you run into, and how did you medicate that? 12:45 – Shyam: Right, it depends on the amount of data that we get. 13:17 – Nader: What type of search implementation do you have in regards to the backend? Is it an elastic search? 13:37 – Guest answers the question. 13:56 – Nader: What is the process of having your application in development and then getting it into the app stores? What are the steps that you need to take? Please share your advice. 14:40 – Guest answers the question. 19:58 – Nader: What about for iOS? Is it automated in some way? 20:14 – Guest answers the question. 27:38 – Nader: When they are setting up analytics – what are the things to track? What events do you consider? 27:50 – Guest answers the question. 28:38 – Nader: Do you do any type of messaging or push notifications on these analytics? Or are these for how the users are interacting with the app? 28:53 – Guest answers the question. 32:31 – Nader: What are you using for the an 32:40 – Guest answers. 32:53 – Nader: I don’t have experience with Amplitude. 32:59 – Guest: It’s neat. Shyam, tell us about the dashboard, etc. 33:04 – Shyam: Sure! 35:28 – Nader: Let’s wrap it up. Picks! 38:00 – Nader: Thank you all for your time, and it’s a good topic to discuss. Links:** Picks: **Nader


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