Shoutem on React Native featuring Tomislav Tenodi & Davor Culjak

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React Native Radio | Episode 61**   **Panel Nader Dabit Peter PiekarczykSpecial Guest: Shoutem Tomislav Tenodi & Davor Culjak   Discussions and Questions:**   **0:34 Can you give us an introduction, talk about yourselves, then we talk about what Shoutem is about?   1:26 What would be the general pitch that Shoutem delivers as a company? What was the original intent? What are the selling point for those who are not strong with writing code?  ** 5:22 In terms of React Native, what sort of product offerings do you have? Can you talk about your React Native School?   8:50 So what would be the target user for your product?  So you talk about the process of ejecting out of Shoutem?   14:17 So what kind of response you guys are seeing with this version?   18:20 Nader talks about the e-commerce and Shoutem. Nader talks about building e-commerce app with Shoutem. What have been the engineering challenges building something like this?   **24:00 What was the process you learned to avoid problems with new verision? What is the process for these extension? Do people just submit them and they’re available?  ** 28:50 When you are generating these app are you using Redux? Does it come with a base implementation of Redux?   35:00 So what can developers do to get started with Shoutem?   **Picks **   **Tomislav React VR Library, React XP  ** Peter Graph CMS Nader                        ** **   ** **  ** 


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