T.J. Van Toll - Building Mobile Apps with NativeScript

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React Native Radio | Episode 54**   **Panel Nader Dabit Gant LaBorde Peter Piekarczyk Special Guest: T.J. Van Toll of the Native Script Project.   Discussions and Questions:**   **3:58 Can you give everyone a brief over over of yourself and how you got into programming? 4:48 Can you tell everyone what Native Script is and how it came about?  ** 6:50 To get start with Native Script, what does someone need to know and understand? 8:08 So when it come to style your CSS, do you take the same position and React Native? How would you describe the code reusability of Native Script? 17:20 Is these something that is placeable and modular inside of Native Script? Can you tell us more about how UI our Native Script works? 20:45 As far as Angular 2 is concern, how has that effect the adoption of Native Script? 24:20 The UX from Native Script, that more of the Native UX? Would you say that effect how you construct each app? Do you feel application are moving toward a universal form? 29:52 What is the experience for each change?As far as compiling? 33:20 What are your thought on the future of Native Script? Is there a way to debug network request in Native Script? 36:00 Do you know of any large companies and project that have adopted Native Script? If you are native script developer  are there any resources for jobs? 38:00 For some one who wants to learn Native Script, what skills should the possess?   **Picks ** Nader Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think https://www.amazon.com/Abundance-Future-Better-Than-Think/dp/1451614217  Gant Type Checking React and Redux Peter Mars.co TJ**

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