Twilio with Fabrizio Moscon of HoxFon

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React Native Radio | Episode 71** Panel Nader Dabit Guests**: Fabrizio Moscon of HoxFon and Questions: ** **** 0:40 Tell us about yourself, how did you get into programming, and what brought you get to React Native?   5:17 What were you doing before you created this app and before you decide to go this direction?   **8:50 If you did not use React Native what would have been you second choice, maybe a Cordova implementation?   10:00 What are you using in you stack? What is your experience with React Navigation? What does the backend look like, did you program the backend?  ** 20:00 Did you chose Go because of the speed, or because you like the way it works? How long did it take to pickup Go as a language and actually being productive with it?   **26:40 If you want to implement Calling in React Native what options do you have?   30:00 If someone want to implement Twilio, what do they need besides using the library to get it up and running with React Native?   33:00 Fabrizio gives some advice on programming.   34:00 What makes this good to work with React Native, as far as GraphQL or Graphcool?   Picks**   **Nader React Primitives Native EU**   **Fabrizio Reason ML


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