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Universal React Applications feat. Michał Chudziak of CallStack

React Native Radio | Episode 82



Nader Dabit

Mike Grabowski

Guests: Michał Chudziak

In today’s show the Nader Dabit of React Native Radio and Mike Grabowski of Callstack speaks Mike of CallStack to discuss the topic of Universal Applications. Mike is a Full Stack developer with focus on React Native and cross platform applications. Mike talks about what Universal React is about and the uses for this platform.

Topics and Questions discussed:


  • What is Universal React?
  • What type for customer is looking for this kind of platform?
  • What would one have to do to get started?
  • Are both the React Native app and the Create application in the same folder?
  • Can you go into the topic of the Universal Code?
  • Is there anything you can tell us on what not to use or do?
  • Can you tell up about the universal library and navigation library?
  • With web, how does the navigation work? – There are 2 ways to handle the navigation
  • Would the universal application be able to handle desktop, or is it only for mobile?
  • What are the benefit of adding at platform? Serially or at once?
  • Are there any resources for getting started –
  • Tell us about React XP, React Native Web, and React Primitives?
  • Would the process be different if you were building with React Primitives or React Web? Similar
  • Do you do development with your clients within the company?




Mike G.

  • Flutter
  • RN Receiver

Michał C.


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