• Nader Dabit

Special Guests: Jared Palmer

In this episode of React Round Up, the panel discusses Razzle and other projects with Jared Palmer. Jared is the lead engineer at The Palmer Group, where he spends his time building apps and services for companies that have been underserved by the recent technological changes. They talk about what Razzle is, the benefit of server-side rendering, and the difficulties he faced putting this project together. They also touch on why he chose to create Razzle and some of his other projects like Backpack and After.js.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Jared intro
  • How he got into programming
  • Fell into programming by accident
  • What is Razzle?
  • Create React App with server-side rendering
  • Gatsby
  • Goal of Razzle
  • What are the benefits of adding server-side rendering?
  • The power of React
  • Next.js
  • React can hydrate once it renders on the server
  • Razzle is thin layer around 2 Webpack watch tasks
  • How do you handle routing?
  • React Router
  • After.js
  • Performance pros to server-side rendering
  • Is an app built in Razzle still considered a single-page application?
  • React Resolver
  • What were the technical difficulties putting Razzle together?
  • Why made you want to create this?
  • Wanted direct control over the project
  • Backpack
  • And much, much more!