RRU 020: How to Get a Job (Especially for New Developers) with Charles Max Wood



    • Charles Max Wood
    • Lucas Reis
    • Sia Karamalegos

    In this episode, the React Round Up panelists talk about finding a job as a developer. Charles is getting ready to release a course on finding a job and he finds that he is always getting asked about how new developers can find a job. They talk about how they all found their first coder job, picking your target company, and understanding what you want in a job. They also touch on Charles’ upcoming course, the importance of showing initiative, and more!

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Sign up to chat with Charles at DevChat.tv/15Minutes
    • Why they want to touch on this topic
    • Get used to failure
    • CodeSchool
    • Hack Night meetup
    • Going to meetups to slowly start networking
    • Making friends with developers in your community
    • Networking before you need a job
    • Learning and helping mindset
    • Don’t be afraid to ask if people are hiring
    • How did you figure out what your target company was?
    • Checking out the culture of a company
    • Understanding the travel involved
    • Figure out what you like in a job as you go
    • Always be looking at your portfolio and resume
    • Gain as much experience as you can everywhere you go
    • Stick to learning one language/system
    • Really master the languages/systems of the company you want to uses
    • Show initiative
    • Finding a champion at your target company
    • And much, much more!







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