• Nader Dabit
  • Sia Karamalegos
  • Lucas Reis

Special Guests: Orta Therox

In this episode, the React Round Up panelists talk to Orta Therox about his 2 years of experience with React Native at Artsy. Orta has about 15 years of native Mac and iOS development experience and about 2 ½ years ago, his team decided to start writing their iOS app in React Native. They talk about the different popular blog posts about React Native, why his team decided to switch over to React Native, and the effects of team size on the success of the fit of React Native in each company’s app. They also touch on professional growth, how they have trained their employees, and more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Orta intro
  • React Native and JavaScript
  • React Native at Artsy blog post
  • React Native at Airbnb blog post
  • Suspense
  • Web engineering
  • Taking different approaches
  • Being a better way to build an iOS app
  • Adoption coming from a native perspective
  • Does the size of the team matter?
  • Product verticals
  • How do you balance the need for professional development VS what’s needed at the moment?
  • Vertically oriented teams
  • Professional growth after the change
  • GraphQL API
  • Training everyone over multiple years
  • React
  • Allowing anyone to contribute anywhere within their domain
  • How they describe their native engineers
  • More excited about React Native now than when it was released
  • Artsy React Native Conference
  • And much, much more!