RRU 076: Ignite and the React Community with Jamon Holmgren


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With special guest: Jamon Holmgren

Episode Summary

Today’s guest is Jamon Holmgren from Oregon. Jamon is the the CTO for Infinite Red, a consultancy that designs and builds mobile apps. The show starts with Jamon talking about his background in coding, which goes all the way back to when he was 12 years old. The panel brings up his React Finland presentation on building a community around Ignite. Ignite is a plugins and boilerplate maker for React that can speed up app creation. Jamon talks about how it works and how it came about. The panel believes this to be an excellent product that will contribute to code quality and doesn’t contribute to the jumble of boilerplates out there. 

Since Infinite Red engineers work on both web and mobile applications, Jamon talks about how they navigate the differences between the two platforms. Their primary tool for doing this is MobX, and Jamon expounds on how it works. The panel discusses situations where using React Hooks and React Context are too low level for a state management solution for a big application, and thus where tools like MobX become necessary. 

The conversation turns to the React Core team and how they view the community coming up with their own solutions. The panel discusses the lack of executive decisions in React and compare it to other languages like Ruby, and how it affects the longevity of a language. They weigh the benefits of a core team that makes executive decisions and causes conflict versus one that doesn’t and the chaos that ensues. They discuss the benefits of standardization, but ultimately agree that collaboration almost always comes up with the best solution. 



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