RRU 106: React Socks for Easy Responsive Design with Paige Niedringhaus

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JavaScript Remote Conf 2020

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Paige Niedringhaus talks about the ever increasing need for developers and designers to be thinking about responsive web design as they build apps in today's world; a quick recap of a conference talk she gave at Connect.Tech, called 'Responsive Design featuring ReactJS'. Then, she talks about two possible solutions for making responsive web apps: CSS media queries and a new, React-specific NPM package called React Socks. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks (and can be used together too!), but getting started with either is relatively simple. Considering how many different ways users could be accessing our websites today and how important a good user experience is regardless of device size, responsive design is definitely worth investigating and incorporating into you own development going forward.


  • Charles Max Wood


  • Paige Niedringhaus


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