RRU 137: From QA to Developer with Rani Zilpelwar

Changing careers into software development is always an interesting story and Rani Zilpelwar's story is no different. In this episode, Rani, the QA developer turned software consultant, talks about how she's held almost every software role at one point or another, and how she's continuing to improve her skills now as a software consultant. The discussion includes books and websites she's found helpful to building up her knowledge, how the company she works for helped set her up for success by pairing her with a more experienced developer as a mentor when she started out, and now how / why she blogs on her own site to give back and solidify the things she's learning. Rani's deep knowledge of testing also lends itself well to her new role and she and the team discuss testing strategies and best practices from her days as a QA engineer. This is a great episode if you're looking to make your own career transition and see how other skills can apply there.


  • Carl Mungazi
  • Paige Niedringhaus
  • TJ VanToll


  • Rani Zilpelwar