019 RR Book Club: Exceptional Ruby with Avdi Grimm

    • Exceptional Ruby (from¬†exceptionalruby.com or pragprog.com)
    • Avdi wrote the book because he felt like he sucked at exceptions
    • Avdi's Ruby on Ales talk
    • The method method
    • Array()
    • Hash#fetch
    • raise
    • rescue
    • warn
    • redefining warn to raise an exception for access to the backtrace
    • Matching an exception based on the error message
    • Custom exception matchers
    • Make an error module and rescues the exceptions and tag them with that module.
    • Nested Exceptions
    • Bundling all exceptions raised during an import or unreliable process.
    • Avdi asked about raising multiple exceptions.
    • The checklist for raising an exception. “Are you ready to end the program?”
    • rescue $!
    • nil isn't very informative
    • Special case object – something benign that represents the actual state of things
    • begin is probably a code smell
    • Putting bulkheads in your code
    • This book should be required reading for gem authors.
    • James pointed out that the book missed Thread#abort_on_exception
    • Avdi outlines the process for writing the book
    • Emacs org mode
    • LaTeX