021 RR REST Done Right with Steve Klabnik

    • What is REST?
    • Addressability
    • AJAX
    • Architectural style for building systems
    • Fielding's REST Paper
    • Client/Server
    • Stateless
    • Caching
    • Uniform Interface
    • Code on Demand
    • HTML yields a larger payload than a binary protocol
    • Stateless enables scaling because with all required information in the request it can go to any server prepared to handle it.
    • Cookie-based sessions lean more toward stateless
    • The PUT HTTP verb is misconstrued by Rails
    • PUT does not mean “edit” it's an “upsert” (create or update)
    • PUT is idempotent
    • POST is more generic and non-idempotent
    • Powerful Caching
    • You are supposed to PUT the entire resource rather than the delta.