051 RR Getting Started with Open Source


    1:40 – Josh’s Open Source Projects:

    2:06 – James’ Open Source Projects:

    3:27 – David’s Open Source Projects:

    6:26 – Chuck’s Open Source Projects:

    7:40 – Idea of Shipping Code Every Day

    11:45 – First Open Source Projects:

    15:42 – How Josh is in the Top 20 Contributors to Rails

    19:36 – New to Open Source/How to Get in

    • “Can I sweep your Dojo”
    • Offer to Write Documentation
    • Find a Problem to Fix on Existing Projects
    • GitHub Issues: Fork it => Wait for Feedback => Pull Request
    • Projects Need LOTS of Documentation
    • API Docs
    • Write a Tutorial
    • Example: Documentation Patches for Rails – lead to a spot on RailsCore

    26:17 – Tools for Contributing to Open Source

    31:11 – Yehuda Katz on Good Projects: Will it Be Around in a Year? Is it Well Maintained?

    32:23 – Abandoning or Staging Takeovers of Your Own Projects

    33:25 – Roles in Open Source

    34:11 – Corporate Sponsorship of Open Source

    • Employee Time Contributions to Projects
    • Engine Yard
    • Fund People Full-Time to Work on OS
    • Examle: Evan Phoenix & Brian Ford on Rubinius
    • The Exception: Heroku Hired Matz
    • Is the Interest of Corporation Overshadowing the Interest of the Community?

    38:03 – Ways to Fund Open Source Work

    39:45 – IPA Movement: Patent Employees Work

    41:36 – Examples of Successful OS Funding – Donations

    42:25 – “The difference between crazy and brilliant. Crazy is, you refuse to see the world as it is. Brilliant is you convince other people to see it your way.”

    42:55 – Controversy:  Make Money on Open Source

    • Levels of Kickstarter
    • Paying to Get on the Mailing List
    • Community Ownership
    • Paying to Be on the ‘Steering’ Committee / To Contribute
    • Avdi’s Objects on Rails Book
    • Now, Free. Then, $5 to get on the Email List.
    • A Book Isn’t an OS Project vs Owned by the Community
    • Setting up Pledgie thru GitHub to get OS Donations

    49:48 – How to Compensate the Community for Their OS Contributions