176 RR Rails as an SOA Client with Pete Hodgson


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    03:02 – Pete Hodgson Introduction

    03:48 – Pete Hodgson: Rails as an SOA Client

    05:27 – Conway’s Law and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

    • Team Boundaries
    • Testing Boundaries Between Teams
    • The Shape of an Organization
    • How the Shape of an Architecture Can Play Together or Interfere with Each Other
    • Codependence vs Independence
    • Decoupling of Teams

    14:03 – Faking Out Services / Contract Tests

    29:04 – faraday

    32:47 – faraday and SOA

    • Hexagonal Architecture
    • Service Gateways
      • Testing in Isolation
    • Staging Environment
    • Shared Dev Environments

    40:41 – Feature Flags (aka Feature Toggles)

    44:15 – Caching

    • Segmentation by Freshness

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