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02:27 – Andrea Magnorsky Introduction

02:56 – “What Game Developers Know That Business Devs Can Benefit From”

  • Going From Enterprise => Professional Game Dev

08:28 – Curiosity and Motivation

09:10 – Is game development more approachable than in the past?

10:12 – Learning New Skills and Coding Practices to Write Games

  • Unlearning to Be Clean
  • Game Loop
  • Levels of Code:
    • Low-Level Code
    • Intermediate Layer
    • Scripts and Game Play

15:45 – Performance and Iterations

20:45 – Making Games Inviting

  • FUN

23:11 – Techniques to Cope with State

24:16 – Releasing and Deadlines (Business Issues Between Developers and Management)

28:30 – Testing

30:45 – Writing Aspects of Games (Stories, Artwork, etc.)

32:22 – Why F#?

38:44 – Pair Programming or Agile Techniques in Game Dev?

  • “Stupid Courage/Bravery”

42:22 – Teaching Game Development (Game Jams)

44:39 – Onikira: Demon Killer


[Vimeo] Carina C. Zona: Schemas for the Real World (Avdi)
Maryville, Tennessee (Avdi)
Monodraw (Jessica)
Elizabeth Naramore: Uncomfortable (Jessica)
ambient_spec (Coraline)
Cosmic Encounter (Coraline)
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (Chuck)
Mastery by Robert Greene (Chuck)
Dixit (Andrea)
Michael Bernstein: Know Your Types (Andrea)
[Vimeo] Philip Potter: Generative testing with clojure.test.check (Andrea)



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