02:37 – Dave Thomas Introduction

04:17 – How Dave Got Started in Programming

06:34 – Tools and Constraints

  • “An Enthusiast’s Problem”?
  • Is the focus on tools a form of cargo culting?
  • Leadism Over Chosen Technologies and Its’ Effect on Innovation
  • Switching Tools and Making Excuses

19:29 – Limerence

28:54 – Ruby = Happiness: Does it Hurt?

31:00 – Tools and Falling in Love with Tools

  • Fear of Falling Behind; Fear of Irrelevancy
  • Different Tools for Different Contexts

35:08 – When Do You Learn? When Do You Train? (Not Falling Behind)

38:01 – Choosing Similar Tools and Technologies vs Choosing Different Tools and Technologies

43:36 – Relationships and Identities

46:08 – Looking Forward vs Looking Back (Knowing Your History)

01:01:48 – Is the rampant use of social media hindering the learning of big ideas?

  • Self-Curation = Key

01:08:15 – How You Learn a Language / Decide You Like a Language


Slack (Dave)
Why Does E=mc2? (And Why Should We Care?) by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw (Dave)
Philly Emerging Tech Conference  (Dave)