207 RR Rebuilding Rails with Noah Gibbs


    02:30 – Noah Gibbs Introduction

    03:03 – Structure

    03:44 – Guiding People Through the Magic

    • Special-Purpose Tools: The Good and the Bad

    06:55 – The Origins of Rebuilding Rails by Noah Gibbs

    07:55 – The Practice of Code Reading

    09:19 – Getting Started Rebuilding Rails

    15:09 – Use Case for Rebuilding Rails

    19:49 – View Model Objects (Presenter Objects?)

    24:25 – What Do Rails Devs Take For Granted?

    27:59 – Rails = “Weird” ??

    32:48 – Rails Expectations

    • When It’s Time for Separation
    • Rails Programmers

    37:56 – Constraints: Making Framework Decisions

    44:19 – Big Data


    simplehuman Garbage Cans (Avdi)
    Etsy CTO On Its Conservatively Crafty Tech Philosophy (Saron)
    Death Of A Programmer. Life Of A Farmer. (Saron)
    Mary Poppendieck's Keynote (Jessica)
    Ruby Remote Conf (Chuck)
    Rails Camp USA West Coast (Chuck)
    Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman (Chuck)
    Rails Camps (Coraline)
    The Codeless Code (Noah)
    Ruby Under a Microscope: An Illustrated Guide to Ruby Internals by Pat Shaughnessy (Noah)
    The Rails 4 Way by Obie Fernandez (Noah)