216 RR Code Review Culture with Derek Prior


    03:42 – Derek Prior Introduction

    04:01 – Code Reviews

    05:14 – What happens when you don’t do code reviews?

    06:30 – Not Emphasizing Code Quality, Setting Code Review Up for Failure

    • Edge Cases
    • Diverse Feedback, Team Conflict

    10:43 – Code Reviewing Yourself: Answering Your Own Questions

    12:03 – The Evolution of Code Review (Code Review as an Asynchronous Process)

    14:51 – Small Changes, “Pull Request Bombs”

    23:49 – Making Code Review a Supportive Process

    • Stop Issuing Commands; Ask Probing Questions
    • DON’T Use “Why didn’t you  ________?”
    • DO Use “Have you considered _________?”
    • or “That’s interesting…I might have used _______.”

    30:32 – What qualities should reviewees have?

    34:27 – Getting Code Reviews Introduced Into Company Culture

    38:30 – Making Sure Code Reviews Get Done

    40:47 – Tagging Specific Team Members

    44:39 – Other Handy Code Review Tools

    47:49 – Code Review Feedback Resources for Solo Programmers


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