217 RR Architecture Without an End State with Michael Nygard

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03:11 – Michael Nygard Introduction

04:36 –  Release It!: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software by Michael T. Nygard

07:15 – Upfront Architecture

14:29 – Architecture Without an End State (Definition)

18:42 – Beware Grandiosity

22:45 – Context

23:52 – Holding Teams to Standards

26:27 – Architecture Between Groups

29:16 – “It’s not my job” (Developer Responsibility)

31:45 – Design Artifacts

37:55 – Staying Humble

  • “Assume positive intent…”

39:43 – Distributing Economic Decision Making

45:51 – Tools and Technologies That Are Helping

48:45 – Future Book Plans?


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