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02:44 - Alex Wood Introduction

03:09 - Trevor Rowe Introduction

03:26 - What is offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

06:48 - Setup and Taking Incremental Steps (The Cloud as a Paradigm)

12:19 - CloudFormation

15:19 - Data-Centric Services (Monitoring, Traceability, Visibility)

23:48 - When to Use What (Getting Started)

  • Simplicity vs Control

26:07 - Making Apps Run Better, General Optimizations

33:43 - Implementing AWS

  • “Eat the elephant one bite at a time”

37:15 - Security

47:51 - Maintaining and Continually Improving Within Teams (Scalability)

56:33 - AWS Resources


Interview with Laurent Bossavit of the 10X Programmer and other Myths in Software Engineering (Jessica)
Paracord (Chuck)
Alex's RailsConf 2015 Workshop (Alex)
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein (Alex)
Kalzumeus Podcast (Alex)
Gitter (Trevor)
AWS Ruby Development Blog (Trevor)



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