219 RR Brakeman and Rails Security with Justin Collins


    02:40 – Justin Collins Introduction

    03:40 – Brakeman & Static Analysis

    04:02 – Common Security Vulnerabilities (and Definitions)

    08:57 – The Inspiration for Brakeman

    09:47 – Getting Brakeman Working (Process)

    10:41 – Learning About Security

    13:01 – Security and The Rails Core Team

    15:19 – Should Brakeman be integrated into Rails?

    16:29 – Running Brakeman On Your CI Machine

    17:43 – Are there specific types of vulnerabilities that are hard to find with static analysis?

    19:18 – Rails Engines

    20:56 – When building an app, is security something you should focus on from the get-go?

    25:32 – Code Schools Teaching Security

    26:17 – Translating Lessons Learned Into Brakeman

    27:24 – Handling Security and Data Breaches

    32:28 – Crowdsourcing Security (Security in Open Source)

    34:54 – The Technical Side of Brakeman and Static Analysis Tools

    • Identifying a Dangerous Value

    37:34 – Data Tracing, Limited Data Flow Analysis

    40:52 – Future Brakeman Features

    43:29 – Supporting and Contributing to Brakeman

    48:23 – PhDs


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