230 RR Hiring Diversely with Sarah Mei


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    02:00 – Sarah Mei Introduction

    06:11 – Why It’s Hard to be “The First Person”

    13:27 – Transmitting Cultural Values

    16:01 – What Companies Can Do

    22:35 – What do you look for in a person as a hiring company?

    24:46 – Setting Expectations Around Pairing Sessions

    27:45 – Whisper Networks

    34:08 – Performance Review

    • “How can we make you successful?”

    42:15 – “I will help you find a better fit.”

    • Investment and Risk

    44:40 – Communication Culture

    50:43 – Empathy


    troll-repellant (Coraline)
    Avdi Grimm: An alternative to `puts` in Ruby (Coraline)
    Alan C. Kay: The Early History of Smalltalk (Avdi)
    RubyTapas (Avdi)
    Rails Remote Conf (Chuck)
    Loot Crate (Chuck)
    Prints and Visual Communication (Sarah)
    Artful Making: What Managers Need to Know About How Artists Work by Robert Austin (Sarah)