232 RR Teaching and How We Can All Do More to Teach Technical Topics to Others with Eric Normand


    02:20 – Eric Normand Introduction

    03:31 –    Old vs Young Programmers

    05:38 – Teaching Fundamentals

    11:02 – Teaching Backgrounds

    12:13 – Why is so hard to be a good teacher?

    15:54 – Teacher Feedback

    19:46 – Asking Questions

    25:56 – Community Education

    28:20 – Order of Operation

    29:36 – Recognizing Students Understanding of Fundamentals

    31:25 – Should there be prerequisites?

    34:30 – How to Assess Where People Are

    35:43 – Teaching the Teacher

    39:10 – Bootcamps

    45:52 – After Bootcamps


    52:11 – Skill vs Knowledge


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