234 RR Beyond Code with Jerod Santo and Adam Stacoviak


    02:28 – Jerod Santo Introduction

    02:44 – Adam Stacoviak Introduction

    02:55 – The Changelog and Beyond Code (Background)

    13:50 – The Corporatization of Open Source

    16:00 – Sharing Stories of Fascinating People and Choosing Conferences

    21:21 – Differences Between Communities

    24:54 – Where are The Changelog and Beyond Code’s future plans?

    • OSCON
    • Strange Loop  
    • Questions:
      • Who is your programming hero?
      • If you had to relearn how to code all over again, what would you tell yourself?
      • What’s the most exciting thing in software right now?

    31:57 – Interview Wishlist

    • 20 Years of Ruby with Matz
    • 20 Years of JavaScript with Brendan Eich
    • Bill O’Reilly
    • Linus Torvalds
    • 10 Years of Git with Junio Hamano
    • Apple: ResearchKit
    • Sara Chipps

    35:43 – Origin Stories


    Personality Insights (Coraline)
    The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life's Most Essential Skill by Karla McLaren (Coraline)
    FamilySearch (Chuck)
    Snow (Chuck)
    DISTRICT Roasters (Adam)
    The Balvenie (Adam)
    Lismore Scotch (Adam)
    The Elixir Fountain (Jerod)
    Robot or Not? (Jerod)
    Song Exploder (Jerod)