235 RR Processing Textual Data with Ruby with Rob Miller


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    02:07 – Rob Miller Introduction

    03:11 – Why does text processing matter?

    07:32 – One-off Data Processing, Core Competency

    10:36 – Processing Less-structured, Unstructured Data

    12:45 – The Command Line

    29:15 – Abstractions and Refactoring

    35:12 – Munging: Tools and Practices

    40:57 – Text Processing for Textual Visual Things

    42:57 – Parallelization

    45:45 – Fanning Data


    Text Processing with Ruby: Extracting Value from the Data That Surrounds You with Rob Miller (Avdi)
    Data Is Plural by Jeremy Singer-Vine (Avdi)
    RubyConf 2015 Videos (Avdi)
    Papers We Love (Jessica)
    transproc (David)
    Does your data fit in RAM? (David)
    advisor (David)
    Swarm Simulator (Chuck)
    15 Minute Podcast Listener chat with Charles Wood (Chuck)
    Toastmasters (Chuck)
    All Remote Conferences (Chuck)
    transproc (Rob)
    Sequel: The Database Toolkit for Ruby (Rob)
    Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It) by William Poundstone (Rob)