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02:26 – Refactoring (Definition) and Where People Fail

03:55 – Tests and Refactoring

  • How do you decide when your codebase is untestable?

10:59 – Managing Scope

11:42 – Why We Refactor; The Value of Refactoring

17:13 – Refactoring Tools

20:40 – When Refactoring Gets Put Off; Establishing a Code Culture

26:23 – Refactoring Strategies

37:38 – Performance Tradeoffs

41:42 – Generative Testing

50:33 – Measurement

53:08 – Examples and Resources


Longmire (Avdi)
Clash of Clans (Chuck)
Star Wars Commander (Chuck)
Cleaning your office (Chuck)
Hsing-Hui Hsu: Time flies like an arrow; Fruit flies like a banana: Parsers for Great Good @ RubyConf 2015 (Coraline)
Betsy Haibel: s/regex/DSLs/: What Regex Teaches Us About DSL Design @ RubyConf 2015 (Coraline)
Velocity 2016 Call for speakers (Saron)
RailsConf 2016 (Saron)



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