257 RR Learning and Training with Neil Brown


    01:29 – Neil Brown Introduction

    02:32 – Where do new people get stuck?

    07:21 – Targeting Particular Age Groups

    13:46 – Becoming Professional Programmers

    15:33 – Apprenticing

    17:20 – Teaching Theory and Algorithms vs Practical Aspects

    20:42 – Value and Negotiating Raises

    24:06 – Preparing Students for Business Challenges

    25:39 – What is the first thing students should learn?

    28:46 – Using Games

    30:45 – Using Music

    31:48 – Hypotheses Testing

    34:08 – Tools

    38:23 – “Frame-Based Editing”

    40:21 – Beyond Beginners

    41:15 – “My Holy Grail has been to radically simplify professional programming. I now realize that simplification is not fundamentally a technical problem but rather a cultural one. Our nerd culture embraces inhuman levels of complexity. Mastering mind-boggling complexity is our mutant superpower. It is our tribal marker. Complexity is the air we breath, and so it is invisible to us. Simplification will only come from outside this culture. To disrupt programming I first have to reinvent it for a fresh audience of non-programmers.”

    44:26 – Technical Matters vs Elitism

    47:57 – Making Programming Easier to Learn

    51:20 – Team Structures in Academia vs Industry


    git-standup (Coraline)
    Craft Conference (Jessica)
    UtahJS (Chuck)
    Zoom H6 (Chuck)
    Ian Leslie: The Sugar Conspiracy (Coraline)
    The sugar conspiracy (Neil)
    Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World by Nicholas Shaxson (Neil)