275 RR The Evolution of Agile and Evolutionary Design with James Shore


    Rails Remote Conference

    1:20 – Introducing James Shore

    1:40 – Freelancing and Consulting

    5:20- Co-opting Agile and the movement away from technology/software

    16:20- Evolutionary Design in Agile

    24:15 – Evolutionary Design for Beginners

    32:30 – Technical Practices and Agile Architecture

    39:10 – Engineering on a Team Level

    52:10 – Redesigning Team Responsibilities


    Sandi Metz “The Wrong Abstraction” blog post (Sam)

    Why Are Computers podcast by Tom Stewart (Sam)

    Netstat (Jess)

    Wood Badge (Charles)

    Remember the Titans (Charles)

    Rick Sheridan’s Agile India talk (James)

    Liftoff by Diana Larsen and Ainsley Nies (James)