279 RR Vets Who Code with Jerome Hardaway


    00:45 – Introducing Jerome Hardaway and Vets Who Code

    3:40 – All about Vets Who Code

    8:00 – Special considerations for the Veteran community

    13:10 – Coding and social/life skills

    21:45 – Veteran lingo and coding

    26:45 – Transitioning into the civilian workplace

    30:50 – Vets Who Code gender breakdown

    35:20 – Connecting with Vets in the tech world

    41:40 – Expanding Vets Who Code

    46:25 – Common jobs for Veterans in tech

    50:40 – Vets Who Code success stories

    55:00 – Supporting Vets Who Code


    Scala Parser Combinators (Jessica)

    Boil the Frog (Coraline)

    Apple picking (Saron)

    Markings notebook (Saron)

    RubyConf trailer (Saron)

    Jerome’s episode on CodeNewbie (Saron)

    Hot sauce recipe: One tablespoon of Cayenne pepper, one tablespoon of ranch dressing, and one tablespoon of sugar (David)

    Balanced Rebellion (Charles)

    Ruby Remote Conf (Charles)

    Tech Inclusion Conference in San Francisco (Jerome)

    SprezzaBox (Jerome)

    NootroBox and NootroBox Sprint (Jerome)