00:25 –  Why Ruby is still relevant

06:30 – How we got started with Ruby

08:20 – Why are people saying Ruby is dying?

13:00 – The Ruby community

15:00 – Debating the “waste of time” argument

20:05 – Learning other languages

23:50 – The “pie”

27:05 – Revitalizing Ruby

38:15 – Advice for the worrier


Angular for Rails Developers by Jason Swett (Jerome)

Vets Who Code (Jason)

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris (Jason)

Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin (Jason)

Going outside (Jason)

Gitlab (Charles)

Devchat Conferences (Charles)

The 12 Week Year and spreadsheet (Charles)

Devchat hangout/webinar (Charles)


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