287 RR Hacking the Asset Pipeline with Cameron Dutro


    00:40 – Introducing Cameron Dutro

    2:15 – What is the Asset Pipeline?

    5:35 – Problems and limitations of the Asset Pipeline

    8:10 – Cameron’s biggest frustration with the Asset Pipeline

    14:45 – Doing it the Rails way, the Angular way, or the React way

    20:25 – Keeping your Webpack and Asset Pipeline separate: Working with Javascript and Rails

    31:45 – Creating your own preprocessor for putting a file format into the pipeline

    • Sprockets github link

    36:15 – Other issues with the Asset Pipeline

    40:00 – Causes behind problems with the Asset Pipeline

    42:05 – Hygiene of packages

    43:40 – Incorporating plugins into the pipeline

    45:30 – Resources for learning more


    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards (Jason)

    Philosophize This! Podcast (Jason)

    Typora (Brian)

    Facer.io (Brian)

    Eventual Millionaire Podcast by Jamie Masters (Charles)

    Toggl time tracking software (Charles)

    Being nice to each other (Charles)

    Ruby Together (Cameron)

    Lumosity (Cameron)

    Seattle Seahawks (Cameron)