00:30 – Introducing Brandon Hilkert

3:55 – Building gems and the community

8:30 – Brandon’s process for creating gems (for beginners)

14:45 – Testing gems

17:00 – Writing the whole system into a gem vs breaking it up

26:15 – Why build Suckerpunch?

33:50 – What does it take to publish a gem?

  • Ruby Gems

35:45 – “Gotchas” to publishing a gem

40:00 – Releasing gems that the community doesn’t need


ThinkGeek (Jerome)

Facebook Lookalike Audiences (Charles)

Mastermind groups (Charles)

Think and Grow Rich by Dr. Napoleon Hill (Charles)

Bark app (Brandon)

People socks (Brandon)

The Food Lab by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt (Brandon)