292 RR Bootcamps


    1:25 – Is a bootcamp the best way for someone to enter programming?

    7:25 – Learning social skills for working with development teams

    9:25 – Getting a well-rounded education

    20:00 – Learning how to find a job and have a career

    27:20 – The responsibility of code schools on helping you find a job

    30:55 – Job searches for the programmer

    32:30 – Picking the right bootcamp

    35:50 – Placement as a junior dev

    45:30 – Finding the time

    52:40 – Deciding if bootcamp is right for you


    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Jason)

    How To Win Friends and Influence People (Jason)

    Corporate Confidential (Brian)

    Land the Tech Job You Love by Andy Lester (Brian)

    The Way of the Fight by George St. Pierre (Jerome)

    ID.me (Jerome)

    10 Ways to Get Noticed by Potential Employers free email course (Charles)

    Devops Remote Conf (Charles)

    JS Remote Conf (Charles)

    Freelance Remote Conf (Charles)

    Free Code Camp (Charles)

    Flatiron School (Charles)