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On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, David Kimura, and Brian Hogan discuss Extravaganza , sharing their history in Ruby Rogues. Brian and David have their own unique and exciting stories to tell. Tune in as they look back to their personal experiences and how far the show has gone since 2011. 

Changes Over the Years

Over the past years, a lot has changed in the show. The number of listeners varied from time to time, probably because listeners have changed in terms of preferences in the show's episodes. Every episode usually gets between 10,000 to 12,000 downloads, but they lowered down to 8,000 to 10,000 after the panel changed. Having listeners all over the world, it's been interesting to meet a lot of people in conferences who share what they think about the show.  Some are into the community aspect while others are into deep technological concepts. Listeners tune in depending on how an episode meets what they need.

Insights Learned in the Journey

Being in Devchat.tv for the longest time, it's been a meaningful journey for Charles as he learned personal and career lessons through the episodes he hosted in. One of the things that were significant for him was becoming the leader/owner of Ruby Rogues show. He enjoyed the collaboration with the members and making decisions together. Whenever there was a disagreement, they gathered around and explain their sides. However, there was one issue that led to one member leaving the show. He learned how important communication really is and how to be aware of the social dynamic of the situation he is in.

Ruby Rogues Favorites

Each episode was unique. Charles particularly enjoyed listening to the show guests and their insights. His ultimate favorite was the episode with Kent Beck. He also loves panel discussion shows. He feels relaxed chatting with software developers, sharing their insights on one topic. Unlike when there is a guest, panel discussions don't use the interview since each host just randomly gives his or her input.To hear about _Extravaganza _download and listen to the entire episode. Feel free to contact Charles if you want to know more about Ruby Rogues podcast. He surely loves to hear from youCharles' Twitter accountIf you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Extravaganza:Brian and David's history in Ruby Rogues? (00:43) Changes over the past years? (5:38) Insights learned in the journey? (11:16) Charles' favorite episodes? (16:14) Where Ruby is heading? (19:14) How Ruby Rogues came about? (32:56)


David: Mario RunBrian: Overwatch and Grim Dawn Charles: Ruby Remote Conf, autonomous.ai desks,  The Anchor, and 1995 Dodge Dakota


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