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RR 307 MOOCs with Sam Joseph

MOOCs with Sam Joseph

Today's Ruby Rogues podcast features MOOCs with Sam Joseph. Sam is the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the CoFounder of AgileVentures. They gather people from around the world to form small agile development teams for nonprofits and charities. He has been programming for a couple of years already. Tune in and learn about the massive open online course they're having!

A Mission to Help and Educate

Sam talked about their company in episode 286. Their goals include helping organizations and educating people about programming.

They want to teach people how to build something that can solve problems. That's why they help provide open in-context education to everyone around the world.

Agile Development on edX

Among the biggest connections they have now is edX. Starting May 16, Sam will be teaching an open course titled Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails. He teaches it with two other professors from UC Berkeley.

The course is totally free of charge. It's a great opportunity where you can learn the basics and do online coding exercises. Those who complete the course will have the opportunity to work on real projects.

Doors of Opportunity

Sam is grateful to the Ruby Rogues podcast. Various opportunities opened up to them. One of which is Wikimedia.

Wikimedia gave them a grant to work on their Rails and React system. It serves as an educational resource and as an assignment setter. Through their dashboard, students can contribute to Wikipedia.

Also, AgileVentures is working with NHS England and other organizations. They just launched their podcast titled The Agile Book Club.

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Jason: Contact him at for training, custom development, or one-on-one mentorship

Sam: Stephen Grider's Phoenix course on Udemy, Doctor Strange movie, The Agile Book Club podcast

David: Guard command line tool

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