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Phusion Passenger with Hongli Lai

Today's Ruby Rogues podcast features  Phusion Passenger with Hongli Lai. Phusion Passenger is an intuitive web app server that a lot of developers enjoy. Hongli co-founded the company in 2008. Take some time to listen and learn more about it!

Inspired by Rails

Hongli and his friend started Phusion while they were still in school. They've always wanted to have their own company.

“Passenger is a change in the deployment style, a change in the usability. That's how we made [it] better in terms of making rails deployment easier.” -Hongli Lai

The rails eco system gave them inspiration and excitement. Many struggled with it due to lack of familiarity. They saw something had to be done to improve the production story.

Importance of Usability

Hongli came from a background where he found usability important. He believes that the user interface should be simple for both companies and users. To him, computers should be there to serve humans and not the other way around. He asks: if something can be done by a computer, why tell it what to do?

Set to Improve Production

Phusion Passenger's latest version is 5.1. It introduces a lot of fascinating improvements. Overall, it is set to improve production in terms of usability. The previous Raptor version took Hongli 1 to 2 full months to make Passenger faster. It was not an easy feat. Download and listen to Phusion Passenger with Hongli Lai. Connect with Hongli through the episode links below. Don't forget to leave a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We would love to hear from you!


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Episode Links:

Phusion PassengerTwitter @phusion_nlEmail Hongli: info@phusion.nl


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